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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at redwood city where a man sits in a jail cell. it all begin when he refused to pull up his pants. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom. free ride online could be coming to an end. california wants to tax online purchases but could that actually hurt mom and pop stores? >> looking down to san francisco a big weather story, cooling trend. we'll drop about 5-12 degrees and i'll tell you when the heat comes back in the forecast. >> freeways look great and we
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saw some of the overnight road work. we'll tell you where it is. here is a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm carolyn tyler. >> a man is in sonoma county jail this morning -- san mateo county jail. he is from san francisco. he had boarded a plane at sfo when an airline official complained he was exposing his shorts. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the jail with the rest of the story. terry, i've never heard anything like this before. >> reporter: it went from the silly to very serious. 20-year-old deshon marman is here at jail. this afternoon he is going to be arraigned on battery and resisting arrest. it all started with him wearing
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his pants too low. take a look. he was wearing his pants too low yesterday at san francisco international airport. he was going back to new mexico where he plays football for the university of new mexico. before he boarded. an employee asked him to pull his pants up. he wouldn't do it. he was asked again and refused again. >> at that time, they made a citizen's arrest of the passenger and the passenger was asked by the police officers to leave the aircraft at which time he refused to do that. the captain then asked the passengers around him, in fact the whole aircraft to de-plane for their safety. >> everything was cool and everything was fine. >> everything was not fine and the mom says her son came back to attend the funeral of a close
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friend that had been murdered. he should have pulled up his pants but he was in a fragile state of mind. u.s. airways it generic address policy and they have a rule that you to have obey the flight attendants. he wouldn't do either of those. then when he was arrested. he didn't want to be handcuffed. he wanted to walk to the squad car. there we have the battery and resisting arrest. he is going to be held on $11,000 bail. one of the perks of buying online may be about to go away. 11th hour spending plan will tax purchases as part of a budget balancing plan. amy hollyfield has the details. i'm any, this could hurt the mom and pop stores. >> hard to believe.
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brick and mortar stores have pushed for this it's not fair to buy jewelry at the store and buy it online to dodge the sales tax, but it could hurt some of the businesses in california. that is because some giant online retailers like overstock and amazon have found a way around the law. the businesses they get their products from, they can just sever ties with them. this is what they've done in other states that have passed an online sales tax. so mom and pop stores, brick and mortar stores have been hurt, after all by this. when amazon does business with you that can impact the bottom line and put stores in other states out of business. critics say this is a terrible idea, but most small businesses support the idea of an online sales tax. they believe it will level the playing field. this is expected to bring in about $200 million a year for
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california. this proposed budget eliminates the $9.6 billion deficit but still needs approval from governor jerry brown. >> johannes mehserle's attorney says the former bart cop is spending time catching up with his family. he was released from jail on monday after serving about a year for shooting unarmed bart passenger on new year's day on 2009. he is somewhere in northern california with his girlfriend. according to his lawyer, mehserle will start looking for a job next week, but he adds it won't be easy because mehserle has received death threats. >> barry bonds wants the court to throw out his conviction or order a new trial. a jury found bonds guilty of obstruction of justice in april
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but at the same time was deadlocked whether he committed perjury. they accuse him of lying under oath when he testified in 2003. he claims he never knowingly used steroids when he was questioned during the probe of burlingame's balco lab. a judge will hear his request for a new trial on july 1st. >> a new survey by? some san francisco students have found illegal advertising of alcohol in many stores. they are trying to reduce underage drinking in san francisco found half the markets were violating a state law that no more than a third of the window space can be devoted to alcohol advertising. 27 of the markets devoted 60% of window space to that advertising. studies have lingtd alcohol advertising to underage drinking. they hope to work with stores to change things.
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pg&e says it's going to begin widespread installation of smart meters at the end of this month. it's one of last bay area county tows get the meters. 80% of users are using them. they want to decide if some customers can opt out of the transmitting meters. anyone that doesn't wouldn't one can call pg&e and ask to be put on a delay list. >> firefighters across the state are bracing themselves for what could be a tough summer after two years of heavy rains the grass will be high and as summer goes on, increasingly dry. crews like these near turlock are take time to train. >> cal fire is down to three people on their engine companies even local governments have reduced staff. >> fighters say property owners should take the time now to
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start trimming trees and clear brush to make a defensible clear space. >> fortunately the fire danger hasn't started yet. >> it's definitely getting brown outside. >> and yesterday, aides in the drying of that vegetation. today, things are going to be cooler, not because of the cloud cover. visibility is unlimited except for half moon bay at 3. few high clouds but the winds that will change things during the afternoon hours. let's talk about temperatures. 46 in half moon bay, most of us in the 50s. 62 in concord but still 73 in antioch. by the afternoon hours, about 5-12 degrees cooler than yesterday. low to mid-50s around half moon by into san francisco. upper 50s to richmond, san mateo
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and throw mid-70s further up the bay shore, vallejo and san rafael. mixture of really thin high clouds and sunshine today. low 50s around monterey. mid to upper 50s for the rest of bay and near 80 morgan hill and gilroy. seven-day forecast, look for the marine layer clouds to be thicker tomorrow and more so on saturday. that will deepen the cooling trend. once they started to taper, heat will return and it will hang around until tuesday. >> good morning. if you are heading towards hayward, road work on 92 coming off san mateo bridge has been cleared so traffic is fine here across the san rafael with this live shot. you can seen traffic is looking good heading toward foster city. golden gate bridge commuters have an easy ride. no road work as you make your way southbound approaching the golden gate bridge.
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in the south bay, check out the 280 and 17 interchange and that is northbound 280 and highway 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains, you may have noticed a lot of major paiflg work going on. in fact we have possibly some lanes blocked around los gatos until 6:00 this morning. >> the government might have some money waiting for you. still ahead, the army of volunteers working right now to connect saving bonds to their owners. >> and what facebook says about live in the real world. >> and lunar eclipse that only half the world got to see. what is that? it's you!
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it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma
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♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? let's go back to drawing. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the government has hired 70 volunteers to help return 16 billion dollars to consumers. there are thousands of old forgotten saving bonds and one of them could be yours. they are working hard to connect consumers may date back to the 50s when there was bush to sell savings bonds and they became part of american culture. >> this one cashed in $50 bond,
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$521. a treasury volunteer helped her find it. >> it's very rewarding to make someone happy and changes their life in some way. >> if you would like to check if you or anyone in your family is owed bonds money, go to and click on 7 on your side. a new study likely to be scrutinized by the twists network finds more people are watching programming online. they say tv viewing is up from last year. while consumers watching on the internet jumped 35% and viewing on smart phones also jumped. they are getting new audiences while at the same time having their traditional viewers.
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a survey suggests that people spend a lot of time on social networks are not the geeky loners we've been led to believe. they surveyed 2200 facebook users and found far from being isolated. they are more trusting and have more close friends and more social support than non-network counterparts. facebook users have 9% more close ties than other internet users. it is 5:15. people were able to catch a show last night. they were able to watch one of the longest lunarklimsz in recent money. this is video from the south africa. the moon appeared to did you say appear because it moved in position between the sun and moon.
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we'll be able to see that one in the suction months if the weather cooperates. >> december? that may be tough. that will be a game time decision. >> if you want to see the dark side of the moon you have to pull out your pink floyd al. >> you mean good morning to you. and we are getting closer to the weekend. how about the heat yesterday. how about the fact it's gone and it's coming back again. it's a rollercoaster of warmth as we look around the bay area. still pretty hazy but not anything to be concerned of as far as spare the air. let's talk about the temperatures from yesterday. let's look at the 90s, fairfield antioch and morgan hill and mid
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to upper 80s around redwood city. half moon bay, 54 degrees. we have cooled nicely, half moon bay, most of us in the mid to upper 50s. concord is 62 and gilroy, 49 and as we head towards the bay itself, low to mid-50s. highlights, sunshine today with a cooling breeze. clouds return tomorrow and hang around morning clouds through sunday and that helps deepen the cooling trend. warmth will return next week. as far as 24-hour temperature change, san francisco down about 5 degrees. oakland 7 and then look at fremont, san jose and concord, 11-12 degrees cooler than yesterday. here we are temperatures running in the mid-70s in the south bay with 75 in san jose and cupertino. peninsula, low to mid-70s millbrae at 68.
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low 60s along coast to mid-60s in south san francisco. quite a spread through the north bay to sausalito to 78 in petaluma. low 60s at your beaches. richmond and bleoshg low 60s. 79 in dublin. low to mid 80s in the valleys. to 62 in monterey. if you are heading out to the a's game, 12:35 game and it will be sunny with a few high clouds, 65 warming up to about a comfortable 70 degrees. as far as the weather is happening, high pressure is starting to move down just a little bit and an area of low pressure is developing to our north and that is allowing a breezy pattern to develop. with the breezes we get the cooler air off the ocean. we drop about another 2-4 degrees tomorrow. look at the 90s returning inland for monday and tuesday with low
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80s around the bay. mid-50s at the coast. >> we'll talk about some road work through the dublin interchange. a connection ramp closed north 680 at east 580. it's something to look out for, scheduled until 6:00 this morning. a tree down was reported on highway 84 in suno area but chp looked for it and actually found it closer to 580 so they'll provide traffic control through the area. 680 is fine as you make your way through the sunol grade down to fremont. north bay ride, 101 in in san rafael, headlights move southbound, looks great out of novato and petaluma and as far north in santa rosa. get traffic whenever you want by going to our website at
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congress moves to stop genetically alter salmon and why lawmakers think it's bad for you. >> and benefits of olive oil, it can do a lot more than flavor your salad. >> and frequent phrases apple stores are trained to use on customers.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas.
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ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. 5:23. a little haze in the air but elsewhere around the country, mike will check it and give you more information coming up. >> caltrans says in roads in sierra will reopen. the pass is on highway 120 near
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the yosemite eastern border. it closes every winter but it got almost twice the amount of snow in winter but enough of it has melted away for the road to finally reopen. there is no opening date so far for the popular trails, campgrounds and other facilities along the road. >> they are revealing some of apple store secrets what employees are not allowed to say to customers. deal with emotional customers by using simple reassurances, as used uh-huh and i understand. you are not supposed to say unfortunately. apple considers that too negative. they have to say as it turns out more positive on bad news. if you are six minutes late three is times in sijs months, pick up your last paycheck and don't worry about league late
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ever again. >> the positive spin is see ya. >> the house has moved the government to prohibited genetically modified salmon to eat. the fda is set to decide this year to approve the modified fish that grows twice as fast as natural fish. they appear to be safe but more studies are needed. if it's approved it would be the first time that government would allow modified animals to be sold to consumers. >> more olive oil can reduce stroke risk in older people. people over the age of 65 who regularly cook with olive oil are 31% less likely to suffer a stroke. olive oil helps unclog arteries that leads to better heart health. >> imagine this, coming home, a
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canadian woman instead of a lush green lawn she found clumps of dirt. a local landscaping company removed the wrong lawn. company plans to reinstall it very soon. >> and i think they better a better lawn in. >> san jose is ready to rehire dozens of laid off firefighters. >> when you shop on line, california wants a cut of the business that is going on the internet. >> also next, a college football star in town for a funeral is instead in jail this morning. the wardrobe malfunction on an airplane that led to his arrest. >> and here is a look at high temperatures across the country. it is coolest up near the
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canadian border to 72 to fargo. progressively gets hotter to 81 in d.c. and good news if you are travel by plane, no delays at our major airports. possibility of delays anywhere you see yellow. flight tracker is at ♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪ my mom makes any day sunny. sunnyd does, too. with 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. ♪
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having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. it gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom. online shoppers, listen up. free ride may be soon coming to an end. california wants to tax your purchases. >> check out this beautiful sunrise this morning, a color picture we're getting from sutro
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tower cam. this is one of the things we talked about. cooler today and before the summer heated returns in the forecast. >> we've got another beautiful shot for you. golden gate bridge, traffic is light around the bay area. no accidents to slow you down, just road work around the dublin interchange. >> a just released grand jury report talks about fire departments and emergency responders. sending firefighters to medical calls wastes millions of dollars each year. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm carolyn tyler. california has a new budget only the second time in 25 years a spending plan was passed on time. one interesting part of that balancing act is an online sales tax something they have been reluctant to pass in the past.
5:31 am
details on how this tax will work. >> it does seem like a no-brainer, why not tax purchases online. you pay a tax when you buy in it a store but critics say it could hurt some businesses in california. online retailers have found a way around this law like amazon and overstock. they sever ties with businesses that deal with states in the tax. so companies that sell products in california could lose overstock as a client. this has put some small companies out of business. the california state legislature needed to close a $9.6 billion deficit and this is expected to bring in $1200 million a year in revenue. some brick and mortar stores think it's unfair.
5:32 am
so do the benefits outweigh the side effects. republicans support it and it needs a simple majority to pass. the governor has to sign it to go into effect and jerry brown has not said whether he supports it. >> eric: a passenger from an sfo flight will be in court this afternoon facing criminal charges after he wouldn't pull up his pants. 20-year-old deshon marman was dressed in the in pants that are popular. they asked him to pull up his trousers and refused and later resisted arrest. >> he was not threatening anybody directly but being on board an aircraft and being disruptive to the air crew interferes with their duties and that could be a safety factor. >> nobody bothered him about his clothing. his clothing was not a problem
5:33 am
until he got there and then -- >> the mother says his son should have complied but he was defensive and upset he had just attended the funeral of his best friend. >> oakland police say are hoping that somebody will recognize a murder suspect. they think he is the right of your screen. he is about 5'9" and has long dreadlocks. they believe he shot a man to death after the two men got into an argument. the crime happened in the middle of the afternoon on hyde street. >> it may be difficult to hailing a taxicab next tuesday when drivers are expected to go on a one-day strike. they are planning to protest credit card fees and increased
5:34 am
industry oversight. they plan to park at city hall trying to create gridlock. they staged a similar protest last month month. they are upset over a ruling for charging fees for each credit card transaction. they plan to add tv screens that would air ads. >> the man that oversees the taxi fleet, matt ford says he is leaving the municipal transportation agency at the end of month. it comes three days after an arbitrator imposed a contract on muni operators. they say ford has done little to improve muni. a civil grand jury is calling for a whole rethinking in response to emergencies. the san jose mercury news reports a grand jury report
5:35 am
found that 70% of fire department calls are medical emergencies. just 4 are fire related. they have to respond the same way with three or more firefighters on an engine costing half an million dollars. that is five times the cost of an ambulance. the grand jury says it's wasteful when paramedics can address the majority of calls that are not fire related. >> san jose's fire department is getting a boost from washington, a $15 million federal grant will allow the city to rehire 49 firefighters laid off last year because of budget cuts. the city has to keep the firefighters on the job for two years in order to get all the federal money. >> more than half the fire department, it will be decision on their part. >> we miss them dearly. it was a very difficult time to
5:36 am
watch them walk out the door. we wish we could get hundred percent of them back. >> bottom of city and union admit the layoffs coupled with the closure of one fire station have increased response times. >> time right now is 5:36. when you go home after the show, do you take a nap or trying to enjoy the weather? >> not. [ laughter ] >> but i will try to get out enjoy and weather now that i've been busted. >> the air conditioner and nice nap in a comfortable house. i don't blame you at all. >> all right. we're looking at high clouds, they are going to stream across our neighborhoods but that not what is bringing the cooling trend. they are out of the west. they are coming off the ocean where they are always cooler. 13 miles an hour at sfo. only 6 at hayward and 6 at livermore but it's a wind shift. it's going to drop our
5:37 am
temperatures about 5-12 degrees. it's already dropping them is napa and concord and antioch. so here we are at 8:00 with sunshine, few low clouds hanging around the monterey bay. mid to upper 50s. even low 60s in the east bay valleys. we have mid to upper 60s and mid to upper 70s by east bay valleys. coolest weather is low to mid-50s at the coast. near 70 around the bay shore but 80s showing up around the east bay and north bay valleys. seven-day forecast, it will deepen this cooling trend. that will start to turn sunday and monday and tuesday it will just as hot as it has been the last couple of days. >> looking forward to it. we still have a connection ramp closed through the dublin interchange, north 680, but it's
5:38 am
scheduled until 6:00. noticed there a little bit of slowing westbound 4 as you make your way out of westbound 580 as you make your way out livermore. 23 minutes from 205 to 680 and no problems as you make your way on southbound 680 through the sunol grade. >> thank, frances. >> a 2-year-old is in the hospital after a frightening fall out of a window. the lesson his rescuers say his parents need to know. >> and bryan stow beating, the investigation of the los angeles dodgers. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:41. major league baseball is expanding the investigation into the l.a. dodgers beyond scrutiny of the financial situation. it now includes stadium security. los angeles times reports the commissioner's office sent a task force to evaluate dodger stadium security. they have not employed a head of a security for four months and they have replaced many police
5:42 am
security with private security officers. a warning for parents this morning when temperatures climb, windows are open and that can be dangerous. bay area firefighters have seen several recent cases of children falling out of second story windows, in fact just yesterday, a two-year-old antioch boy was seriously hurt. >> reporter: contra costa county firefighters say it appears the two-year-old boy pushed against a window screen and fell 15 feet to the driveway below. >> it was like somebody had fallen down and hurt themselves a little bit and then i didn't hear it afterwards. >> the child was found inside the residence he was unconscious and unresponsive. >> where did it looks like he landed? >> primarily on the back of his head and side of his head.
5:43 am
>> they had the boy airlifted to children's hospital in oakland where they are capable of dealing with major head trauma. firefighters say there were no parents at home at the time. only the boy's three sisters were at home. >> they were taking home? >> yes. >> how old are they? >> i think the oldest girl is 18. >> in newer homes, bedrooms are not always bedrooms, so there are couches and iss pushed along the window sill. you can get on top of those things and fall out. >> in the room where the boy fell out of the window you can see the top of couch just below the windowsill. >> when the boy arrived here at the hospital he was unstable condition with major head injuries. just ten days ago, another antioch boy, a four-year-old also fell out of a second-story window. he was brought here and he is
5:44 am
recovering. advice from consumer advocates they say parents should install window garth like that one. they cost about $30 each. they say about dozen children die each year and 4,000 are injured from falling out of windows. also make sure beds and furniture a child can climb on is not placed near a window on upper floors. we have more information at facebook may be good for your well-being. we have the bloomberg business report coming up. >> coming up, what they are revealing about his plans for attacks against concerns. >> that is osama bin laden we're talking about and stanley cup losers start trouble in vancouver. >> and meeting that could more
5:45 am
pressure on anthony weiner to resign. [ female announcer ] if soap dries itself,
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imagine what it can do to your skin. but dove isn't soap. it contains pure 1/4 moisturizing cream
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because, everyday moisture is the key to beautiful skin. and who knows moisture better than dove. tastes so luscious, i enjoy it with lobster... mmmm... shrimp... oh... and mussels. [ male announcer ] fresh butter taste with 70% less saturated fat than butter. [ kim ] you can have it all. welcome back. 5:47. look at the beautiful sunrise. sutro this morning. it looks absolutely gorgeous.
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let's talk about what is going on across the area. that was actually from mount tamalpais. flooding in yosemite but it's pretty quiet across live doppler 7-hd. highs in the upper 80s to 93 in fresno to 101 in palm springs. tahoe at 68. >> time is 5:48. there is an outcry from pakistan that receives billions of dollars in u.s. aid. in an exclusive, a report on "good morning america" that u.s. officials have finished going through the first of the files recovered from osama bin laden's pakistan compound. they found bin laden was directly corresponding with senior operatives in yemen telling them to attack the u.s. homeland. now more on the situation between the u.s. and pakistan. >> the men who owned the safe
5:49 am
house the c.i.a. used to monitor bin laden, detained. men report reported coming and going, reportedly detained. that prompted the under statement of the day. >> our relationship with pakistan is extremely important, it is also complicated. >> on capitol hill there was outrage. >> how long do we support governments that lie to us. >> most governments lie to each other. that is way business gets done. >> do we arrest people that help us. >> when they say allies --? sometimes. >> sometimes they send people to spy on us and they are close lies. >> routing out the enemy in pakistan may be harder than ever. >> if we don't have local pakistani informants it will be difficult for the united states to stage operations inside
5:50 am
pakistan. that is what the pakistani government wants. time is just about 5:50. streets of vancouver are quiet this morning following violence by a group of angry ice hockey fans. they set fire after the canucks lost the stanley cup last night. the violence occurred a few blocks where the game was played. many watched the game on a giant screen. in boston police moved in as celebrating bruins fans shook a bus. they managed to get them away from the bus. bruins beat vancouver 4-0. >> and you predicted this before. this was a team you wanted to win? >> hockey, when you get older and have kids, you have to pare
5:51 am
down. >> and take a look outside. 5:51 and lower elevation and sutro tower showing the sun coming over the east bay hills. kind of hazy and not a spare-the-air day. high clouds showing that the air mass is modifying as cooler weather is on the way this afternoon. talk a look what is going on right now. 73 in antioch, 62 in concord. plenty of mild temperatures everywhere else to 41 in half moon bay. monterey bay inland, low to mid-50s. gilroy 49 degrees. let's talk about the three important things i want you to know about this forecast. it will still be sunny but cooling breeze that has have a dramatic effect on our temperatures. morning clouds will be more prevalent saturday, sunday. and they may disappear. temperatures compared to wlg? >> a, one degree warmer in napa.
5:52 am
three to five in livermore and san jose and redwood city will be eight degrees cooler than average. sun will set at 8:34. it's not necessarily because of the clouds but that is where they will stay with the sea breeze that returns and brings us the free air-conditioning off the 50-degree ocean water. this is about as warm as it gets. richmond into berkeley, upper 60s for you, low to mid-70s for the east bay shore. low to mid-70s on the peninsula as you head northbound to millbrae,. low 50s along the coast but keep cooling down to mid 50s as you head into the peninsula.
5:53 am
low 50s at the beaches. much warmer inland, upper 70s to low 80s. monterey bay, 62. mid to upper 60s and eventually seeing sunshine this afternoon. mid-80s to low 80s hill and hollister. coliseum goes, it's going to be nice, high clouds, 55 degrees at 12:35 to about 70 during the end of the game as the royals are in town. we'll have temperatures in the mid-50s to upper 50s for most of us tonight with clouds along coast and spilling into the bay. you can see the clouds drop our temperatures by another 2-4 degrees by any and saturday and then hot again inland monday and tuesday. no problems out there. so around the bay area, starting off with interstate 80 in berkeley, westbound traffic, 18 minute ride from carquinez bridge. bay bridge toll plaza, delay
5:54 am
free right now. south south bay, 280 and 18 iwtd change, traffic on highway 17 should be recovering very quickly. all lanes will be reopening on highway 17 at the summit. that is northbound 280 coming out of the downtown area. "h" train number one, running two minutes late. the latest by going to our website at hackers are widening their scope of their attack. >> here is jane king. >> companies and the government dealing with another round of hacking, they broke into c.i.a.'s website last night. they are saying it doesn't like the u.s. government very much. private company, adp is investigating in a intrusion and
5:55 am
citibank got credit card numbers hacked. and plunging in may but the report says banks are facing weak demand from buyers and the inventory of unsold homes is increasing. new study facebook users gain more than friends, people are more trusting of other people, a larger number of close friends a higher sense of civic duty. if you wonder how popular you are, the average user has 229 users and many friends are high school classmates. u.s. officials say no classified information was accessed when the c.i.a.'s public website was taken off line last night by hackers. a group calling claims responsibility. hackers broke into the senate's
5:56 am
public website but the firewall prevented them from down loaded loading any sense active material. >> house democratic leaders including nancy pelosi are planning to meet today to consider what to do about anthony weiner. a former porn actress to say the congressman had asked him to lie about online communications. ginger lee says she received sexually explicit messages from weiner. he wants to speak with his wife before deciding whether or not to resign. >> gabrielle giffords is waking up at home this morning for the first time since being badly wounded in a shooting rampage five months ago. doctors released her from the hospital yesterday. she lives with her astronaut husband in suburban houston. she was shot in the head while meetings with constituents in
5:57 am
tucson. six people were killed and 13 were wounded. she will have to return to the hospital daily for physical therapy. >> just ahead at 6:00 a.m., state lawmakers approve a last minute budget. one includes an online sales tax. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the san mateo county jail where a man is behind bars facing very serious charges and it all began when he refused to pull his pants up.
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